Some strong forms of connectedness in topological spaces

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B. K. Tyagi
Sumit Singh
Manoj Bhardwaj
Harsh V. S. Chauhan


In this paper, we study new separations of sets called half separated, half \(\alpha\)-separated, half semi separated, half pre-separated, half \(\beta\)-separated sets and corresponding to these notions introduced half connected, half \(\alpha\)-connected, half semi-connected, half pre-connected, half \(\beta\)-connected topological spaces, respectively. These are stronger forms of connectedness, \(\alpha\)-connectedness, semi-connectedness, pre-connectedness, \(\beta\)-connectedness respectively. The properties of these notions follow the same pattern.

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Tyagi, B. K. ., Singh, S. ., Bhardwaj, M. ., & Chauhan, H. V. S. . (2022). Some strong forms of connectedness in topological spaces. Journal of Advanced Studies in Topology, 10(1), 20–27. Retrieved from
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