A uniformly convergent difference scheme on a modified Shishkin mesh for the singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion boundary value problem

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Vedad Pasic
Enes Duvnjakovic
Samir Karasuljic
Helena Zarin


We are considering a semilinear singular perturbation reaction-diffusion boundary value problem which contains a small perturbation parameter that acts on the highest order derivative. We construct a difference scheme on an arbitrary nonequidistant mesh using a collocation method and Green's function. We show that the constructed difference scheme has a unique solution and that the scheme is stable. The central result of the paper is \(\epsilon\)-uniform convergence of almost second order for the discrete approximate solution on a modified Shishkin mesh. We finally provide two numerical examples which illustrate the theoretical results on the uniform accuracy of the discrete problem, as well as the robustness of the method.

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