Two new types of fixed point theorems for \(F\)-contraction

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Sami Khan
Muhammad Arshad
Aftab Hussain
Muhammad Nazam


The purpose of the present paper is to continue the study of fixed point theory in complete metric spaces. Wardowski [Fixed Point Theory Appl. 2012: 94] introduced a new type of contraction called \(F\)-contraction and proved a fixed point result in complete metric spaces, which in turn generalize the Banach contraction principle. The aim of this paper is to extend the concept of \(F\)-contraction into generalized \(F\)-contraction. An example and application are given to illustrate the usability of the main result.


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Khan, S. ., Arshad, M. ., Hussain, A. ., & Nazam, M. . (2022). Two new types of fixed point theorems for \(F\)-contraction. Journal of Advanced Studies in Topology, 7(4), 251–260. Retrieved from
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